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Enamel Pins

Here you will find a collection of enamel pins made after some illustrations I have created . Inspired by some of my favorite magical stories


What is a flawed pin? Flawed pins are pins that don't meet the cut to be sold as flawless. They have small imperfections like overfill enamel, enamel stains, scratches or dents. They are small and the pins still look great, but due to their flaws they are sold at a lower price. 

Pre Ordering and Enamel Pin : When you pre order and enamel pin, you are placing an ordering for a pin that will go into production, it has not yet been made. There will be the artwork of the enamel pin idea and a final mock up which will show the final look the enamel pin will have. Sometimes I only have  the original design but not the final mock up, and I will state that on the listing. This means I am waiting for final approval and artwork mock ups from my manufacturer. Small changes may be possible in order to make the pin happen, for example some small color changes and variations which may need to be made in order to make these pins possible. Please keep up to date with my Instagram account to see the final mock ups as well as checking back on the listing for updated pictures. Usually 2-3 days after the listing is posted.  If you are NOT COMFORTABLE with not knowing the way the final pin will look please wait until the final mock up is available or until the pins arrive to place your order.  

Why Pre-Order? Pre-orders get lower prices and matching stickers - there is only a limited amount of pre-order spots available. Once enamel pins arrive and pre-orders are shipped,  IF I have any left over inventory or flawed pins those will be available at regular price without the sticker

When will I get my Pins? pins will arrive in about 3-4 weeks . Please keep that in mind when ordering. If you place an order that includes a ready to ship item and a pre order your order will not ship until the pre order has arrived.  If pins are delayed for any reason due to manufacturing problems or delivery services , please be patient. Delays before pins are in my hands is something I have no control over. Also keep in mind that once pins arrive I have to inspect each pin, package and ship out. If you need the pins at a specific day please do not order until pins have arrived.

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